Master Negotiation in a Day

Discover The Proven System to Negotiate Like a Pro, Without Wasting Years Figuring It Out on Your Own! Plus, Check Out the Special Section on Salary Negotiations!

You’ll get:
  • 20+ paradigm-shifting videos
  • Practice negotiation skills with exercises on salary negotiation, house buying, car selling, business partnerships, and family decisions
  • Confidence-boosting negotiation templates for a variety of situations
  • Expert advice from some of the world’s top business negotiators and lawyers
  • 15 short quizzes confirming your learning
  • Expert analysis of a live negotiation between two professional negotiators
  • One-page Gain the Edge! Strategic Guide to Effective Negotiations
  • A fully developed Salary Negotiation Plan Template to use in your next salary negotiation
  • Bonus Video: Impasse-Breaking Strategies

The 5 Steps to Effective Online Negotiation

Earn thousands or millions more by using the right online negotiation process.

“The Five Steps to Effective Online Negotiations” includes:
  • A strategic framework to evaluate when and how to engage in person, on video, on the phone, or in writing via email or by exchanging documents
  • 3 example negotiations to see how to negotiate online and how not to negotiate online
  • The advantages and disadvantages of in person, video, phone and written negotiations
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of video negotiations
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of written negotiations

Practical Ways to Fight Gender Bias and Sexism in Negotiations

Discover the proven methods to fight sexism.

Get proven methods to counteract gender discrimination and break down barriers:
  • Level the gender playing field with a negotiation framework
  • Gain consistently profitable deals
  • Avoid the gender gap in salary negotiations
  • Stop discrimination that can reduce profits by thousands or millions
  • Know how to respond to sexist comments
  • Never get frozen out of the “inner circle” and get less than deserved
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