Master Negotiation in a Day

Discover The Proven System That Will Have You Negotiating Like a Pro, Without Wasting Years Figuring It Out on Your Own!


There’s Too Much At Stake to Not Master Negotiation

Without negotiation training, you could:

  • Lose a critical contract or deal to a competitor.
  • Accept a salary substantially lower than what you’re worth. 
  • Miss opportunities that could transform your life.
  • Get stuck with unprofitable deals.
  • Harm personal relationships with poor negotiation skills.
  • Pay double what a real estate property is worth.
  • Lose out on thousands (or more) over your lifetime.

Find out what you’ve been missing. Discover the proven system that will have you negotiating like a pro, without wasting years figuring it out on your own!

Where Can I Get a Comprehensive Negotiation Course?

Master Negotiation in a Day (with a special focus on salary negotiations)

  • 20+ paradigm-shifting videos
  • Practice negotiation skills with exercises on salary negotiation, house buying, car selling, business partnerships, and family decisions 
  • Confidence-boosting negotiation templates for a variety of situations
  • Expert advice from some of the world’s top business negotiators and lawyers
  • 15 short quizzes confirming your learning
  • Expert analysis of a live negotiation between two professional negotiators
  • One-page Gain the Edge! Strategic Guide to Effective Negotiations
  • A fully developed Salary Negotiation Plan Template to use in your next salary negotiation
  • Bonus: Impasse-Breaking Strategies

Meet Marty Latz

Developer of the Gain The Edge!© System

Marty Latz has taught more than 100,000 professionals and businesses (like Nike, BlueCross Blue Shield, Progressive, and Bank of America) how to master negotiation. He has spent over 25 years researching, developing, testing, using, and refining the Gain the Edge!© System. He’s condensed all this into a 5-step system that even novices can use to master negotiation. He has:

  • Negotiated or helped negotiate thousands of successful business, legal and other deals.
  • Negotiated nationally and internationally as a member of the White House Advance Teams.
  • Taught as an Adjunct Professor of Negotiation at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University for ten years.
  • Authored two best-selling negotiation books, including Gain the Edge! Negotiating To Get What You Want
  • Appeared as a negotiation expert on CBSCNNMSNBC and FOX and has been interviewed or written articles for USA TodayPOLITICOThe EconomistUS News & World ReportVanity Fair, and others.
  • Graduated Harvard Law School with honors.

Now, you can gain the edge in all your negotiations by using Marty Latz’s proven system.

“Learning from Marty (Latz) is fun and inspiring, and it really sinks in. I’ve improved my effectiveness as a negotiator 100 percent.”

Carl Horton

Medical services, General Electric (GE)

Generate Your Next Level of Success

Get more of what you want with effective strategies and without manipulative tricks or games.

Proven to Get The Best Results

Based on the experts’ proven research, this process will help you achieve the best negotiation results.

Easy to Use Templates

Even someone completely new to negotiation can follow this 5-step process with confidence.

Latz Has Been Featured On

USA Today
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